First Collection | Nowhere Man

Who is Nowhere Man?

Backstory: The Nowhere Man is a qualified paralegal that operates at the Intergalactic Bureau for Parasites and has a proprioception for malfeasance. 

A collective and vastly stitched memory from when the progression of events from the past to the present into the future allows for a fundamental understanding of where each life exists in the metaverse. He travels the metaverse collecting orphaned parababies and houses them in his vast and endless coat of space which is approximately 46 billion light-years in diameter. The infant parasites go on to mature to full life cycle and are imbued with all knowledge accumulated by The Nowhere Man.

The Nowhere Man is here, nowhere and everywhere at the same time and sometimes at the same place twice at the same time.

Second Collection | Astrolux Fixer

Who is Astrolux Fixer?

Backstory: The Astrolux Fixer, a famous scientist and astronomer who is a highly qualified metaphysicist. Combines knowledge of how to transform existing physical light entities (fireflies) into cosmic dust, also known as presolar grains by colleagues of the metaverse. The Astrolux Fixer holds valuable ancient wisdom of a time before the Sun was formed in this Solar System, knowledge which has been passed down from many generations. In this metamorphosing technique only used by this being, the essential nature or underlying reality of all existence is rationalised and wholesomely revealed.
We have every right to thank the Astrolux fixer for the other-worldly skies and light transference between heavenly bodies. 
– Extendable Ladder to access the skies
– Corkscrew to open the star ….jar of fresh fire flies 
– Dust pan for the dust

What is this project about?

Izzland was founded in the 8th dimension of an adventurous 8-year-old girl’s vivid imagination, a vector space, without any notion of distance or time. Each character is initially hand-drawn and conceptually developed with intrinsic rarities, evolving into a teen painting that reaches full maturity as an NFT. There are a thousand uniquely created tokens in our first collection – Nowhere Man. And many thousands more are currently under development.

Different factors have specific rarities, they are all limited – defining their uniqueness. Each NFT has the quality of being unequaled, incomparable, or unusual and thereby extremely desirable. Upcoming limited editions and physical merchandise will feature never before seen NFTs – making this progressive collection one to carefully observe.

The Izzland collection consists of 1000+ unique NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain, stored as ERC-721 tokens, and hosted on IPFS.


Our Roadmap timeline is set by what we would like to have achieved by the end of each collection. Because The Izzland Projects are so unique – we like to do things differently.